I'm a highschool student living in Alaska. What I do for fun: Work! Well, sometimes.

I'm also interested in photography, filmmaking, 3D modeling (using Blender), programming, web design, politics, debate, philosophy, etc. See the My Work tab for some examples.

I do work for a lot of different non-profits in my community and have gained a lot of valuable experience as such. Some of the organizations I worked for (volunteer and paid):

Some fun activities/experiences I've had:


About this Site

While working on Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins' campaign, I picked up some web development skills, and also discovered how much fun web design can be (and frustrating at points). So over a couple of late nights and a weekend, I designed this site for fun. I wrote it without a visual editor, and coded everything from scratch, with the exception of the slideshow script (Dynamic Drive) on the home page and Lightbox in the My Work section. I also had a lot of help from various websites and Chrome's Inspect Element feature. Note that I designed to the latest standards, so it may not render properly in older, noncompliant browsers (ie IE). I spent a few days compiling and creating some content that was worth putting up. I then set up free webhosting from 000webhost.com and after some hair pulling linked it to my domain. A great learning experience, and a fun, yet productive way to waste time.